Our life is a complex synthetic balance between body, mind, emotions & something more.

  • We work with complementary meditative and energy therapies to restore this harmony.
  • You will be cared for in order to participate in your own natural self-healing process.
  • We give time, energy, consideration and respect, for you to become wholly yourself again.

Since 2010 we propose therapy sessions, and since 2013 Reiki I and II Level Courses, but also counselling and information on energy disciplines and wellbeing, as well as other services, straightforwardly and with dedication.

We hope you may find the information you seek to answer any questions concerning our services and disciplines, detailed descriptions of those, as well as clear and complete data on Reiki, and more specifically Usui Reiki by reading our FAQ section («Yeses and Nos») and clicking at the end of whichever paragraph you would like to explore in more detail.

Feel free to browse around, and to contact us directly for any extra query and bookings. Additionally, free meditation advice and tips are available upon personal request.

We wish that you will enjoy your time on this website and find it useful.